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What Are Resolutions Really?

In January it is traditional in many cultures to make resolutions for the year ahead. But what are resolutions and what is resolve? Where do these terms come from and what do they really mean? In honor of the New Year, let’s explore the meaning of the words “resolution” and “resolve” as a deeper knowledge of these terms may help us fulfill the ones that we have made.

In the parlance of modern technology, resolution can refer to the quality of an image, display or printout. With greater resolution, things are sharper and clearer. Applying this to goal setting, if you develop a detailed resolution, you are more likely to choose appropriate, realistic goals – centered on what you can add to your life to improve it, instead of creating punitive goals centered on taking things away or making yourself wrong. In other words, build upon and strengthen what is already present and good in your life. With this clarity, your goals are on target and the way forward is understandable and achievable. You anticipate what’s coming and so are better able to manage roadblocks and seize opportunities as they arise.

A person can also exhibit resolution: determination, steadfastness and tenacity are just a few of its synonyms. You may be familiar with the comment made by Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb – “Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Good things don’t tend to happen without effort. Hard work and doggedness pay off over time. If you go at your resolutions with energy, firmness and a sense of purpose, you are more likely to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

A resolution can also be a decree or pledge. Use this meaning to get support for the lifestyle changes you would like to make – declare your objectives and decisions to all who will listen and ask that they help hold you accountable. Make a promise to yourself and to significant others. Then make a real go of it, including renewing your efforts when you have occasional slip-ups. Commit to your growth and development and let others help you along the way

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Use 2014 as an invitation to start something new and live your dreams. Declare to yourself and supportive loved ones that you are now choosing to develop your potential and work your goals. Connect to the greater meaning of “resolve” and “resolution” and make this year your best yet!