Love Uniquely & Specifically

It is February and almost Valentine’s Day. At this time of year, traditional expressions of caring are popular. The media and the entertainment industry provide idealized images of lovers exchanging luxury items or dining in lavish restaurants. As appealing as these conventional approaches can be, what if we tried exchanging something very different yet equally beautiful to honor love?

This Valentine’s Day, why not give your thoughts and appreciation as gifts? How often do we take the time to tell significant others – whether lovers, family, or friends – how and why we value them? Do something unique and out of the ordinary by letting those you love know what specifically you find great about them. Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a list of things you admire in your loved one
  • Share a cherished memory of time spent together
  • Fill in the blank, “You are wonderful because_________.”
  • Compose a poem featuring the positive attributes of your significant other
  • Write a story that illustrates your esteem
  • Play (or sing) a favorite song with lyrics that captures how you feel
  • Have a conversation where the goal is expressing appreciation
  • Say “Thank you” or “I love you” or “I care”

Try one of these simple but powerful suggestions. Most of us have not done this for those we care about in a long time and some of us have yet to try this. Be brave, as it may seem a little awkward to express your feelings, especially if it’s been awhile. Nevertheless, we think the benefits of goodwill will outweigh any initial discomfort you may feel and indeed may motivate you to reach out regularly to let important others know you care. After all, a holiday is not necessary to demonstrate caring.

Self-Discovery Tool #47
What difference could we make in our relationships if we simply told others what we admired about them? Instead of a grand gesture, or traditional or expensive gifts, what if we gave something infinitely sweeter and shared the truth in our hearts? Use this Valentine’s Day as a reason to tell your significant others why they are special – who knows, they may just do the same for you?!


About HirshWorks

Katherine & Elizabeth are sisters who form HirshWorks, LLC. Begun in 2004, HirshWorks, LLC is a writing and personal and professional development consultancy dedicated to improving clients’ skills in leadership, teamwork, decision making, communication, facilitation, and writing. Elizabeth & Katherine are particularly known for their writing on Psychological Type. They have co-authored four books including their most recent work, Introduction to Type® and Reintegration: A Framework for Managing the Transition Home © 2011 to help those returning from deployment in the military, foreign service work, charitable missions, disaster relief, etc. Together, the Hirsh sisters have over 40 years experience in helping people develop their potential.

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  1. You are wonderful because …
    You are my love.


    Gee, that does not sound romantic. But then it all depends on the person.

    Yes, I agree, be vulnerable. But of course that is a risk. It can blow up in one’s face.

    And that is what makes it so fun and exciting.

  2. Great advice Hirsh sisters!!! We could all benefit from a little appreciation and gratitude:)

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